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I've just made my last payment on the car I financed through Southeast Toyota Finance. I am so angry!!!It is impossible to speak to anyone in the United States if you have a question about anything, you are directed to INDIA and all they can do is read a script, they do not know how to answer anything, they are trained ONLY to take your money and charge you a fee to do so.

They refuse to give you a number to anywhere in the US, and all numbers you find on line or thur the phone book will direct you to the numbers to INDIA!!!! DO NOT finance your auto with these people, they will mail your statements with no way to mail your payment on time, forcing you to make payments via the phone FOR A FEE.

There have been other problems but I am so pissed I just don't want to talk about this anymore. My suggestion is to finance with any company but this one.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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This written about S.E Toyota Finance is so true!! Not only about the lack of talking to someone with any sense of intelligence, but anyone that cares about listening to the problems one has with this economic situation!!

Good luck finding someone with any sympathy!!

Putting it mildly, they simply suck!!! :( :?

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