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I leased a 2014 Toyota Corolla for 36 months. Never missed a payment - always paid on time.

When my lease was about to end, I filled out a request on the SETF website to extend my lease another three months to terminate in July. I received a call that in order to extend my lease officially, I would need to sign a lease extension and mail it back. I asked the customer service rep if I could email the letter so I would have proof of it being sent. The Rep said they could only have the letter physically mailed.

So SETF mailed the lease extension, I signed it, and mailed it back. I continued to make payments for three more months - never late, always in full. On June 15, I went to go to work and noticed my car was nowhere inside my gated lot. Called the police to report it stolen and they told me Toyota repossessed my car!!

When I called SETF to see what was going on, they told me that they never received my signed lease extension(!). So since my lease "terminated" in April, I'd been in possession of the car illegally. Did SETF ever let me know they never received my signed extension? No.

Did they continue to accept payments even though (in their eyes) I was technically not leasing from them? Absolutely! Even though I made every payment during that time and was expecting to turn my lease in come July - just two more weeks that I'm already paid up for! - SETF repossessed my car.

Here's the best part: In order for me to get the car back, I have to PAY OFF THE ENTIRE CAR. No thanks. TL;DR: SETF is stuck in the past and it's going to cost you -- probably in an unexpected repossession when you really can't be late to work! Sure, maybe I should have added tracking to my letter.

Maybe I should have followed up after it was sent. I don't ever mail things so I just expected it to work. You know, like email does!! Now I have to go to a tow yard and pay $150 to get all the stuff out of my car.

SETF, you just made me a new Hyundai/Subaru/anything else customer! PS: I never leave reviews, but this situation is totally backwards & could have been rectified with an email -- or another letter -- saying they never received my copy. Or what about a message in the SETF online account dashboard? Get with the times, people!

Please, use this as a word of caution if you're thinking of leasing with these crooks. And if you already have a lease, don't even think about extending it unless you make 23 copies of your extension letter and mail them all to SETF with tracking.

Totally unbelievable. Never heard of anything like this in my life.

Review about: Southeast Toyota Finance Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Check this out from 2008:

Same situation you described from almost 10 years ago!

Seems this is definitely a scam to be aware of!!

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