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They call 10 times a day. My husband lost his job soon after we bought our car.

I started back to work but fell behind on my payment soon after when I got real sick and couldn't work. I caught up and then fell behind again now 3 months almost. I was in hospital for a week and sick for two months since January 08. I am getting ready to send in a a payment for 200 dollars.

I will get caught up as soon as I get a more permanant job. I am very upset for all the phone calls

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Chester, Virginia, United States #10445

:( this place has messed my credit up really bad, the were putting my money for my car in someone elsa account, i am still fighting for this it is crazy, and every time i call they change the dates on which they say i was late. I have been trying to go to a different place but because it shows i have late payments on my credit. I hate this place and will never go back again.

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