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I purchased a Toyota about 3 months ago, I was told I had a 10 day grace period after the due date for the payment. Every month they call, even though I have already made a partial payment.

I try to explain to them that I make 1/2 the payment early and the 2nd half will be there with in a day or 2 of the due date, but they just keep repeating the same scripted *** to me. There is no "service" to there calls, they are just harassing me.

I am looking into re-fi options now.

I will never use SETF again.

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I don't know if they have changed the way they do things but I have never receieved a single call from them and I get emails reminding me to pay before the due date which is helpful. I know they have a grace period and I took advantage of that last month due to finances and even though it's been almost a week past I haven't received one call so they must be doing better. If people don't want to be bothered just pay on time :)

to Sarah #1202200

If people could pay they would obviously!


I co signed for my daughter with them...NEVER again. Now I won't even buy Toyota.

They are ruthless and relentless. My daughter was 2 days late on a payment and they called my phone every 15 minutes. Finally I answered because I was so pissed.

I really let them have it but then the calls got worse. ***.


If they are going to call and harass consumers about payments, why can't they hire someone from the U. S. to do the work

instead of using other countries like India

when people here have lost their Jobs and Homes.

I am sick of setf and will never use them to finance anything again.

to Betty #1328046

You're sick of them? If you do what YOU promised to do, pay YOUR bills on time, YOU never hear from them. How hard is THAT to understand????

Sophia Antipolis, Provence-Alpes-Cote D'azur, France #14702

I feel the same way about them. They call me a week before my payment is due and ask for payment. Never been late on a payment and they treat my husband and me like we are criminals.

George Town, Cayman Islands, Cayman Islands #12749

a ten day grace period is for late charges onlym you signed the contract saying you would make you pmt on the due, you paying 2 days late, has you in default of contract, and you're complaining about them asking you too live up too the contract, come on now, its buisness!

Alberta, Virginia, United States #10343

AWFUL company! We have had many cars and different finance companies.

SETF is by far the worst! I just had a man show up at my door from ??? Inspection Services with a letter telling us to contact SETF immediately. My husband called them and they told us our account was fine and we had a good payment history.

In the past we have been harassed with calls and it is always a problem on their end. Never use them!!!

Union City, Pennsylvania, United States #8460

I feel the same way and I'm glad to see it's not just me. I never post on these type sites but SETF sucks and I had to let it be known.

I had a car repoed after only having it for 6 months.

They never changed my contact info so were not in touch with me ever and even though I sent payments every month, though not the full amount, I woke up one day to no car. Once again SETF SUCKS MAJOR ***!!!!!!!

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