Southeast Toyota Finance is a front for World Omni Finance located in Deerfield Beach, FL.It is part of JM Family Enterprises.

I wanted to pay off the loan on my car and I insisted on getting a real address because I was shipping the check overnight via UPS. The real address where they process the loan payments is 6150 Omni Park Drive, Mobile, AL 36609. Their 800 number is picked up in India.

When I spoke with them they did not want to give me a real address, but I insisted because I said I was going to require a signature to prove when it was received.

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Montgomery, Alabama, United States #1239278

Well I certainly am a little nervous now, I just purchased a 2017 Camry financed by World Omni. I realize these complaints are from 2015 and before but I sure hope they have resolved them all, because I am starting to doubt my purchase.

to Anonymous Delray Beach, Florida, United States #1246959
Southeast Toyota Finance Verified Representative

Providing great service is our priority. If you have any questions regarding your account with us please contact us at (800) 686-3494 our Customer Care Dept - thank you SETF.


I am a very unhappy customer with Omni or SETF.I was told if I bought a certain vehicle with a co signer and 12 pymts.

on time I would be considered a loyalty customer not have to put anymore money down on 2nd vehicle. I would receive a 2015 car at same notes. I done everything I was told to do for a year on this certified vehicle when I returned they told me they could do it, but wanted me to step down 2 classes in vehicle and raise notes 200.00 monthly of course I told them no. My credit score needed to be higher than originally said and their was no more loyalty program.

so I waited six months continually raising and working on credit score. This whole time they don't want to drop the co-signer which by the way is going through hardship and lost his job the same month I bought the car and has yet to return to work. On my birthday month I went to try again I was told not to pay the note for I was buying another vehicle my mistake paperwork wasn't finished till day 31 and all the sudden they wouldn't finance me after 17 mos. needless to say 8 years never late on a car note anywhere.

This company is a joke and yes I paid my note but I am so disappointed and angry with World Omni which at one time I held high standards for. I will never trust them ever again.

It's a shame Toyota puts out a great product wish I could say the same for the people they choose too protect their name.This is exactly why women are scared to approach salespeople at...

Tammy Sharp


Pensacola Florida

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to Anonymous Pensacola, Florida, United States #1075211

I have spoke to so many different people at this company same situation to no avail nothing done.Same story someone will return your call and resolve issue no return call Michael Hollis is vice president you ask to speak with him or his assistant and that's unheard of.

No one is allowed to contact him besides the BBB. According to his staff, customer reps. collections dept. Yes I even called the collections dept.

I am very irritated with the lack of response from this company. Yet become 5 days late and your phone is ringing off the hook .

I only became late once but they want you to borrow the money and pay them immediately.How can they do so wrong yet expect repeat business from future clients.

to tammy #1080639
Southeast Toyota Finance Verified Representative

Thank you for speaking to me on December 09, 2015.I have not heard back from you, so I hope you were able to resolve your concerns with your dealership.

If I may be a further assistance to you please contact J.Murray 800-267-0855 ext 1204343.

to Anonymous Holly Springs, North Carolina, United States #1086405


I am not sure why these complaints against S.E Toyota/World Omni Finance are not being posted or reported on/to popular sites like: better business bureau(bbb.org), scambook.com; and peopleclaim.com.More so called or visit your of Chamber of Commerce in your locality, call your Congressman, and even a TV channel and Radio station.

They need to be in the media if this is consistent bad and fraudulent response their customers get from them. I am going to pay off my car now to stop them from scamming me. They charge $649 for Administration fee to move information from one department to the other in their company.

Other car comparative car sale companies charge below $200.Thank you all for all your complaint because it puts me on alert to watch out for this scam artists posing as legitimate car sales company.

to samuel king Delray Beach, Florida, United States #1088521
Southeast Toyota Finance Verified Representative

Providing great service is our priority.Our customers are important to us; any feedback provided allows the opportunity for improvement.

You are welcome to contact me directly if you would like to further discuss your concerns. Please feel free to contact me at Southeast Toyota Finance 800-267-0855 ext. 1204343.

Thank you J.Murray

to Anonymous #1193846

You went to Bob Tyler right?Biggest team of snakes I have ever did business with.

They taught me to NEVER do a loan with their "finance" arm.

Always talk to a bank, or FCU first before buying a car.


I returned a leased 2013 Toyota to Toyota of Hollywood on Sept.8th., 2015

The Corolla had under 8000 miles on it.

the interior was prestine because I kept it all covered from day one.

I turned in all 3 keys

I never missed a payment... it was automatically deducted from my checking account.

I was clever enough at 82yrs. old to video the entire car on my Iphone the day I turned it in.

I called Omni Leasing on 3 occasions, on two occasions I got to speak to a real person. each time I asked for the exact amount of the monies due to them.

both times they gave me a figure & as soon as I had enough money I paid them through my bank "pay bill" one month later I get a bill for $500.00 ( of which I don't have) I called them and was told that the $500.00 included repair of back and front bumpers that had gashes (impossible there was not damage to the car) I explained that to the woman and she said if I went on line I would see pictures of the bumpers - I said it was probably pictures of another car or the people who picked it up caused the damage... she did not believe me, and that is when I told her I took videos of the car the morning of the return and she said do I have proof of the date - thank goodness the Iphone records all of that info. Lastly she said that the charge of $350.00 was for someone to drive the car to auction... well that is not my fault, not my problem....

she kept badgering me for payments to...

I paid Omni every cent of the balance I was told was owed., she kept insisting, Finally, ...I told her I was tired and was going to hang up the phone.Great Grandma

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to Anonymous #1052753
Southeast Toyota Finance Verified Representative

I am sorry to hear about this incident.Please contact me at 800-267-0855 x 1204343.

I would like to get your feedback regarding your experience with the end of lease process.

Thank you,


Southeast Toyota Finance

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