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Update by user May 10, 2018

I will definitely never buy a car through SETF for the rest of my life. Right now, I am not even sure if I will ever buy a Toyota again.

This was my first brand new car. By the way I was looking at a 2018 Toyota 4Runner at Atlanta Toyota, but decided to hold off.

Now I am glad I didn't buy another vehicle through SETF. I will ensure that everyone knows about your shady business practices.

Original review posted by user May 09, 2018

I leased a 2015 Toyota Camry SE and kept it for 39 month(Extended lease for 3 months). I always made all lease payments on time and took the car to the Toyota dealership (35 miles away) for all the regular maintenance.

When I returned the car last month, it was in great shape. Only some hairline scratches on exterior due to normal wear but no dents/damage etc. The interior was in brand new condition. I have attached the pictures as evidence.

Now I am shocked to see the $978 bill for excess wear and tear. I have been trying to contact them at 800-686-3494, but no one is taking the call even after 30 minutes of hold. My question to SETF is, do you expect a car to be in brand new condition after almost three and a half years? No one leases a car to just park it in their garage.

When a car is driven it gets normal wear and tear.

Do you classify all regular wear as "excess wear and use." I have paid you lease payments totaling $9,945 in 39 months, which is well enough to cover the depreciation on the vehicle.

Please have some common sense and waive this bill for $978. My number is 770-256-8297

Product or Service Mentioned: Southeast Toyota Finance Auto Leasing.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $978.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Southeast Toyota Finance Pros: Product.

Southeast Toyota Finance Cons: Lack of compassion, Being ignored by setf, Payment center, Complete and utter lack of customer support.

  • High Fees
  • Cruel And Crude
  • Toyota Camy Lease
  • Lease End Fees
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Our records indicate that you have spoken with a representative in regards to your concern. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us.Thank you,Southeast Toyota Finance1-800-686-3494


Yes, I have spoken with your representative to waste my time. You are the worst company I have ever done business with and I wouldn't even like to see your name for the rest of my life.

You have succeeded in robbing me off of my money. Go get a medal for that.

I hope you lose a lot of money in the future. Shame on your whole organization top to bottom - Customer Service to the Top Executive Team.